Our Graph-based solution for the individual analyst

Graphia Professional is our powerful individual solution for the creation, visualisation and analysis of network graphs derived from large datasets. Graphia Pro allows you to reveal hidden patterns from your data, beautifully.

Our unique, scalable approach allows Graphia Pro to visualise hundreds of thousands of datapoints utilising just the power of your desktop or laptop. No large processing servers or server-farms required.

Even if your data has no intrinsic relationships, simply load in your spreadsheet data and have Graphia Pro identify patterns relationships for you


Beautiful 3D Graphs at your fingertips

Mammal Taxonomy Graph visualised within Graphia Pro. The resulting structure of the taxonomic tree, which is ideal for 3D representation and exploration. More examples can be found on the Example Data page

Graphia Pro utilises a variety of powerful, configurable force-directed layouts, letting you create the perfect looking graph.


Featuring a range of analysis metrics such as MCL and Enrichment, Graphia Pro helps you get the results you want

From Bio to Banking

Whatever the data, Graphia Pro provides spectacular visualisations. This Graph created from the NASDAQ Stock Market covers the period from the beginning of 2008 until then end of 2009. It lists the end of day prices (505 in total) of 2,615 companies and covers the peak period of this bear market, animated to show change in value over time. 

Unveil Elegant Structures

Used by analysts all over the globe

Referenced in hundreds of academic publications, the technology behind Graphia Professional allows you to explore, present and analyse your data using the power of networks. Networks are a perfect way to tap into our innate ability to recognise patterns and structures within data, helping analysts make informed decisions, quickly.

Network analysis provides an alternative to conventional data-modelling approaches which are time consuming, question-based analyses with limited scope for visualisation. Networks, also known as graphs, provide a versatile approach to modelling data from a large variety of industry sectors.

“Graphia Professional is an amazing software product.

For someone like me who is devoted to systems biology analysis of tissues and diseases, it is a major step forwards.”

James P Bennett MD, PhD

President and CSO, Neurodegeneration Therapeutics Inc


For the individual analyst
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