Our founding Graph-based technology

Active development of Graphia Professional ceased in 2017 and has since been superseded by our modern graph platform Graphia.

Graphia Professional is Kajeka’s founding technology. Originally called BioLayout Express3D, it was developed through a collaboration between the labs of Prof Tom Freeman (University of Edinburgh) and Dr Anton Enright (Sanger Institute/EBI) with funding from the BBSRC. It remains a powerful solution for the creation, visualisation and analysis of graphs derived from large bio-datasets and for pathway modelling and has been referenced in hundreds of academic publications.

Graphia Professional has capabilities for stochastic flow simulations of biological pathways. For all other network analysis needs we recommend our new, modern analysis platform Graphia. Kajeka provide Graphia Professional here as a free Open-source tool for the network analysis community.

To use Graphia professional please sign up for a free account with your institutional email. This will be used to authenticate when using the software.

For protocols describing its use see:

Correlation analysis: Theocharidis A., van Dongen S., Enright A.J. and Freeman T.C. Network visualisation and analysis of gene expression data using BioLayout Express 3D. Nature Protocols 4: 1535-1550 (2009)

Pathway Modelling: Livigni A., O’Hara L., Polak, M.E., Angus T., Wright D., Smith L.B. and Freeman T.C. A Graphical and Computational Modelling Platform for Biological Pathways. Nature Protocols 13(4):705-722 (2018)

To cite the tool please use:

Graphia Professional (Kajeka Ltd, UK)
Freeman T.C., Goldovsky L., Brosch M., van Dongen S., Mazière P., Grocock R.J, Freilich S., Thornton J. and Enright A.J. Construction, Visualisation and Clustering of Transcription Networks from Microarray Expression Data. PLoS Computational Biology 3(10): e206, (2007)

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