The Next Generation Graph Visualisation Platform

Graphia Enterprise is the next generation big data visual analytics platform. Designed and built from the ground up to provide a powerful and extendable network analysis environment suitable for many types of data from many sectors. With support for millions of nodes, dynamic layout, advanced filtering, transformation, attribute handling, graph analytics and more. Massive networks can be explored in real-time. Graphia Enterprise has been designed to integrate with external resources and be customised to meet the needs of a specific sector.

Graphia Enterprise is a modular platform, providing the capabilities to build your own Graph-based solution utilising our cutting-edge visualisation technology.


Graphia Enterprise provides even more performance than Graphia Professional, allowing even larger datasets.

Built from the ground up, Graphia Enterprise reincorporates our powerful technology into a new scalable and adaptable platform.

Designed with you in mind. Graphia Enterprise can be customised to analyse the most important information for your business.

Graphia Enterprise Visualisations

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Graphia Professional

For the individual analyst
  • Fixed Functionality
  • Support for 100,000+ Datapoints
  • Fixed Analytics Suite
  • Static Layout System
  • Stochastic Flow Analyses