Biolayout Discontinued – Graphia Professional


We have been developing Biolayout for the last 10 years and it has been proudly featured in hundreds of academic publications. At the end of 2014 our academic funding for BioLayout was exhausted and we were no longer able to sustainably support the free software. In order to maintain and further develop our unique network analysis approach, we have developed a commerical product through our limited company Kajeka, to continue the BioLayout legacy.

Graphia Pro is the first entry into the Graphia product family and offers all the power and benefits of BioLayout with bugfixes, new features such as enrichment and more!

Designed for the individual analyst, Graphia Pro allows large networks to be visualised, explored and interrogated. Whether you are new to graph analyses or a seasoned professional, Graphia Pro can help you visualise your hidden patterns.

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