Kajeka are pioneers in making complex data visually engaging, revealing hidden patterns and creating actionable insights. We make it easy to see and understand connections and quickly draw the right conclusions.

Every year the amount of data captured by the business world and research organisations grows exponentially. Problems arise when there is simply too much information to process and valuable insights and the ability to make fully informed decisions, become muddied or lost.

Delivering clarity from complexity is what we stand for and what we are tenacious in delivering. We create products that ensure your project, organisation or business is more effective, more efficient and more profitable.


Our research began in 2005 at the University of Edinburgh and Hinxton Genome Campus in Cambridge. Confronted by an explosion in complex data describing the activity of genes, the aim was to transform the way we interpret biological data, which is often complex and difficult to understand with conventional approaches. The result was a series of revolutionary and ground-breaking visualisation techniques that have opened a new era of graph analyses.

We have over 10 years of experience developing network visualisation technology

Our technology has been used in hundreds of publications and used by researchers the world over


Networks are a powerful visual medium for understanding relationships and associations between people or entities. They are a perfect way to tap into our innate ability to recognise patterns and structures within data, helping analysts make informed decisions, quickly.

Network analysis provides an alternative to conventional data-modelling approaches which are time consuming, question based analyses with limited scope for visualisation. Networks, also known as graphs, provide a versatile approach to modelling data from a large variety of industry sectors.

Transferring data into a network paradigm allows the use of algorithms, techniques, ideas and statistics previously developed in graph theory, engineering and computer science. Using Kajeka’s platform, analysts and students alike are able to assess data and explore the position of a point of interest in the context of its local neighbourhood or relative to the network as a whole.



Kajeka’s software allows you to gain insight and tangible value from data. Whilst our products and services are at the cutting edge of visual analytics technology, they are also easy to use and gain instant and transformative results

Tools can be used by a non-specialist

Hypothesis-free data driven analyses

Perform predictive analyses

Integration of information from multiple sources

The handling of data from a small to vast scale

Trends and patterns can quickly be identified and acted upon

“Miru is an amazing software product. For someone like me who is
devoted to systems biology analysis of tissues and diseases, it is a
major step forwards.”

James P Bennett MD, PhD

President and CSO, Neurodegeneration Therapeutics Inc


Kajeka’s products and services have applications in a broad range of industries including:


Large datasets can be incomprehensible when stored as a spreadsheet. Our graph technology allows you to visualise structures within data, helping you to explore and present your findings.

Biomedical Sciences & Agriculture

Omnics analysis platforms have created a data deluge within these industries. Our software provides the means to explore and understand the relationships between genes, proteins, metabolites and cells.

 Financial Services & Insurance

Understanding the relationships that drive financial markets is key to predicting future trends, Our software provides the means to explore such data quickly and in real time.

 Law Enforcement & Defence

Interactions between individuals can take a many forms and are a challenge to track. Our software enables the analysis of large social networks, providing advanced means of tracking potential threats.


Graphia is our next generation enterprise platform for flexible graph visualisation analysis. With support for millions of nodes, massive networks can be explored in real-time, complete with live filtering, transformation and analytics

Graphia is a modular, flexible data analysis and visualisation platform that can be customised to your particular business needs. Graphia is the next generation data analysis platform, allowing you to view huge events in real time. Featuring a modular design, user specific software can be developed on-top of our platform utilising our powerful visualisation technology

Kajeka can develop a bespoke solution to solve your business needs.

If you are interested in finding out more about the Graphia platform, please get in touch


Miru is our entry level graph- based visualisation platform for the individual analyst. With Miru, relationships in large datasets can be
visualised, interrogated and classified to provide insight into the hidden patterns that lie within.


We want our innovative technology to add meaningful value to the working lives of the business people, scientists and clinicians who need hypothesis free analysis in order to produce actionable insights.

Based within Edinburgh’s famous Roslin Institute, our company is more than a decade old and is comprised of handpicked academics, researchers and entrepreneurs. Below is a brief introduction to our Senior Management Team.

Les Gaw, CEO

Les leads the commercialisation of our business and has worked extensively with venture backed technology companies in either CEO or COO roles. His key skills involve driving business development and creating meaningful revenue streams within these companies. A graduate in Information Engineering at The University of Strathclyde, Les is passionate about ensuring product development is driven by customer need. He is also an enthusiastic member of the Institute of Directors.

Professor Tom Freeman, Chief Scientific Officer

Having gained his PhD from Imperial College, Tom began his long association with data driven
biology when he worked at the Wellcome Trust Genome Campus. He now leads the Systems
Immunology Group at the Roslin Institute, where his research combines the use of experimental
technologies to examine the immune system, together with the development of innovative
approaches to the analysis of complex data and systems. Tom was founder of Fios Genomics,
a company specialising in biological data analysis and in 2015, he founded Kajeka.

Paul Chowhdry, Chairman

Paul is a highly experienced board member whose proven skills in cusomer focus, leadership,
strategy and innovation have a strong part to play in the on-going development of our business.
He has led led large teams and has delivered product innovation, transformation programmes ,
planning processes and strategic direction to a wide variety of businesses. He has also played a
key role in several corporate investment, acquisition, intergration and sale transactions. Paul is
highly active within the Institute of Directors.

David Hume, Non Executive Director

Professor Hume BScHons, PhD, FRSB, FMedSci, FRSE is a graduate of the Australian National University
and an internationally-known genome scientist.  His major research interests are in transcriptional
regulation, the function of cells of the immune system and genetic variation in disease susceptibility.
From 2007-2017, he was the Director of The Roslin Institute of the University of Edinburgh. Previously,
he headed the ARC Centre for Functional and Applied Genomics at the University of Queensland.  David
has had a long-term collaboration as a visiting scientist with the RIKEN Omics Research Centre in
Yokohama as part of the FANTOM Consortium.


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