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Miru is a powerful tool for the visualisation and analysis of network graphs derived from big data. The product of many years of academic research into finding a faster and better way to understand complex data. This tool was originally developed for data derived from biological analysis platforms where the data is often big, noisy and the analyses may be exploratory in nature. In solving many of the issues associated the analysis of these data we provide an analysis platform applicable to data from many other sectors.

Miru is based on the visualisation and exploration of data presented as network graphs. Networks may be predefined or generated from any numerical matrix within the tool.

It has been designed to be easy to deploy and straightforward for anyone to use. It is a stand-
alone application that operates on all popular computing platforms and is optimised to make best
use of the available hardware. No specialised programming
skills are required to perform data visualisations or analyses.


    Miru has a wide range of powerful features to aid with the analysis of big datasets

  • Calculates similarity matrices from continuous or discrete data
  • Renders massive networks in a stunning 3D interactive environment
  • Supports graph clustering, enrichment analysis and data exploration
  • Identifies patterns and trends from graph topology
  • Exports lists, web-based network visualisations and images for downstream analysis and presentation
  • Accepts a wide-range of data formats

Example Data


NASDAQ Stock Data: 2008 – 2009

Whatever the input format, Miru can uniquely render data as small or large networks in a visually stunning 3D environment. Here relationships within data can be explored, analysed and classified providing new insight into the hidden patterns and data structures, thereby allowing fast, informed decision making.

Miru allows an analyst to:

  • Perform hypothesis free analyses
  • Discover trends and patterns within data
  • Reveal the unexpected
  • Accelerate journey from data to insights
  • Enable fast, informed decision making

An evaluation version of Miru is available for free. This version includes all of the powerful analysis capabilities however is limited to maximum graph size of 3000 nodes. If you would like to unlock the full potential of Miru please purchase a life-time license key and enjoy access to unlimited graphs, advanced tutorials and a year of technical support!

You can also find Miru support on our community run Wiki page

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